Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

Blog2 Avery I've written before that it's more challenging for me to get those special shots of little boys than it is of little girls. I've speculated that its because boys move to much, are too rough and tumble to allow the lens to capture their inner selves. Every once in awhile, however, you get lucky. I did with this shot during our last big snowstorm. My nephew Avery was over at the house while his Dad plowed the driveway. I was out back taking pictures of the pugs when I looked over the gate and saw Avery peeking out above the snowbanks. I was glad I had my telephoto lens.

This beautiful, beautiful boy celebrated his 9th birthday. He received a telephone and he's been texting me ever since. His brother, 12, texts his girlfriend. This nine-year-old texts his aunt. I am lucky to be that special lady for a little while longer.