Barbecue and Seminar

A nail trimming demo Before attending my encaustic painting class tonight, I stopped by for a barbecue and some educational seminars at my vet's Country Animal Hospital. Dr. Jessica Jones took over the practice last year and has been introducing a lot of interesting and useful services such as these demos and talks. I couldn't stay long tonight but I was able to catch two of the educational sessions. The first was a grooming demo. The groomer suggested we bathe our dogs every two weeks and demonstrated different types of grooming tools such as the Furminator.

I also heard Dr. Erika Keady speak on parasites, a gross but interesting topic. I was the lucky winner of a raffle full of gift items including a tee shirt, puppy snacks, a tick removing tool, a dog collar and much more. It was fun and educational and the burgers were good, too.