Art is Everywhere

photo 1 copy Today was one of those days. I woke up with a rare event – a little spare time on my hands. I thought of going Christmas shopping or to a matinee. Then, I realized I could use the time to change over my old dresser for my new. This task is a lot more challenging then it sounds. First, my old dresser is an antique with narrow drawers that don’t hold much and when they do are too stuffed to shut. Hence, the need for a new dresser. Also, my large screen television, DVD player and cable box all sit on top of the dresser with wires spread to and fro across the room. In order to move the dresser I needed to move all this, unplug the machines from the wires and rewire everything to get it to work. My brother, an IT specialist who does a lot of wiring, suggested taping the wires to the wall. I thought it was a great idea, so I labeled them and taped them up. Then I kind of lost my mind. Moving the TV and the dresser proved more challenging than I thought and I realized that in order to tidy everything up it was going to be an all day job. I was getting pretty discouraged when I looked up at the wall and noticed the above picture. A mask sits on the wall behind my television and now that I had moved the TV I could see the mask amidst the wires. It looked like a strange art display. I hurried to find a camera to take the picture, but I had buried those beneath the clothes I had removed from the dresser drawers. My iphone was handy, however, and I took this interesting photo. A midst all the hectic hustle and bustle it made me smile. I was able to find beauty and art  in the wires and the clutter. Art is everywhere.