Blog Available Alfie was originally given to me as a pet. When I saw her pedigree and realized that she was related to Tugboat Willy, a famous show dog, and attended a dog show where a number of handlers stopped me and suggested I show her, I decided to ask her breeder if I could give it a try. It required a new contract and some decisions on my part.

Conformation dogs are not spayed in order to pass on their outstanding qualities, but I was worried that by not spaying Alfie I could jeopardize her health. I had read that spaying a female before the age of two cuts down on her chances of mammary cancer. I also realized that if I was not going to spay her it would probably be good to have a litter. It turns out, however, that rather than coming into season twice a year, Alfie only comes into season once a year, so her opportunities are narrowed. Today, she began showing signs.

It also happened to be sunny this afternoon and much of the ice that had been coating the sidewalk had melted, making it easier to walk Alfie and Waffles, whose paws have not been tolerating the winter cold and road salts well. Both pugs were excited to be out and about, but I hadn’t given thought to the fact that Alfie might have other motivations in mind. We paused at every tree, fire hydrant and blade of grass for her to squat and pee and essentially leave her calling card for any handsome stud in the neighborhood – “I’m willing, ready and able,” she seemed to be saying and although there were no able-bodied males about, I have visions of a huge line standing outside the door in the morning.

I can’t breed Alfie this time around. Life is too hectic with my mother scheduled to have knee replacement surgery in May and having our first litter of puppies running about does not seem like the smartest idea, so unfortunately all Alfie’s advertising today will be in vain. She, however, seems quite happy. She and Waffles are curled up together on the sofa snoring away – deep, heavy snores that do not sound the least bit sexy or romantic.

Come next year she may have some courting to do, but for now my little lady will have to be content with daydreams and fantasies. She might be ready to find her soul mate or at the very least a one-night stand, but I know for certain that at this stage of the game, we’re sure not!