A Sign from Heaven

They say God works in mysterious ways and that is why I know the free margarita glasses I saw by the roadside yesterday were heaven sent. You see, a couple of years ago my friend/counselor/mentor died, but one of the last pieces of advice he left me was "Make sure I took time out to have a Margarita." He meant this literally and figuratively. He realized my uptight nature, the desire to be a perfectionist, a workaholic, the need to play by the rules.

All these aspects of my personality have been in high gear lately. Exhausted though ehilarated by the successful Pig Barn Show, challenged by the new writing workshop, stressed by pressing deadlines and student papers to correct, I found myself near tears as I worried over everything. How would I keep my students interested in a full day of class on a holiday weekend? When would I find the time to write my articles? What if I can't write the story I want to for the workshop? What if my point is misconstrued?

I was driving home from the post office with Mom when she mentioned the free stuff by the side of the road. The flash of green caught my eye and I made her turn around so I could get a good look. We pulled up at the curb and immediately they came into focus -- lime green margarita glasses, and my favorite color, too. I know there will be naysayers who say this is just a coincidence, but I'm pretty sure there was someone looking down on me from heaven, saying take it easy, have fun, go have a margarita!