A Revolution


Photo by John Greenwood

I believe I may have started a revolution. They say sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference and I am witnessing this first-hand in our small writers' group at Hubbard Hall. I have already written about how a woman in my group joined the world of pug stalkers by snapping a picture of a car bearing a "pug" license plate because she thought of me. I had shared with our group that pug people are quick to jump out and chase each other down when they see someone walking down the street with a pug and shortly thereafter she was on her way to joining our ranks.
Well, it seems the fire has spread. Last night another member of our writers' project emailed me the above photo. He took the stalking to the next level by literally waiting in a store parking lot for the owner to be out of eyeshot in fear that he would be arrested -- a strange man photographing her car! Notice, however, this fear did not deter him. The Pug Stalking Revolution has only just begun and I am only too proud to have done my part!