Standing Tall

In this day of social media,

Facebook "likes" and Twitter "retweets"

We still write in the desert,

Shout in the wind.


It is an act of faith

--part hubris, part hope

That we expect anyone

--to listen.


Like a tree falling in the forest

It has never been

the sound that matters,

It is the growth,

standing tall before the inevitable

leap into the abyss.


We are fools if we think

no one hears.

We are one body,

Our every movement

Stirs our neighbor

Even if we cannot witness it.


And, still I wait

For the thud and the clamor

Not content with my own noise.


We yearn for thunderous applause

Even when it comes in a whisper

Gliding on cat paws across the

velvety forest floor.


"I see you," it says.


That is enough.