The Great Common Thread Give-A-Way


Introducing the Great Common Thread Give-A-Way

Here's a chance to win these potholders:

As I announced a couple of weeks ago, one of the wonderful things that has happened to me over the last year is finding a supportive, community of fellow artists, many of whom are also bloggers. Blogs are a terrific way for artists to share their work, so a group of us has joined together to form the Common Thread Give-A-Way.

Over the next year, each month one of us will be giving away a piece of our art. The Give-A-Way will be announced on the first Monday of each month. Those of you interested in winning, have to leave a comment on the blog of that month's featured artist. The winner will be picked randomly and announced that Thursday or in this first case, on Wednesday night by 6:00 p.m.
The Give-A-Way launches today: Monday, October 1st. Can you believe it's October already? And, this month's featured artist is Maria Wulf of Full Moon Fiber Art. To leave a comment on her web site and be eligible to win, please go to:

If you'd like let her know you learned about the Give-A-Way here.

If you are unfamiliar with Maria's work I think you'll like it. She specializes in potholders, pillows, quilts, and wall-hangings, piercing together unique colors and patterns. She uses recycled clothes and fabric to create something unique, beautiful and new. She recently introduced a line of potholders for men. She also creates wonderful "streaming" pieces, featuring stream-of-consciousness, sewn words and images. Her Goddess potholders are awesome and should make any woman feel empowered. Best of all while these are art in every sense of the word, they are also functional and can be used in the home.

Maria is a an imaginative, inventive artist and a generous spirit. Those of you who are fans of her work already know how lucky you are to have the opportunity to win one of her pieces and those of you who have yet to be introduced should seize the opportunity to get to know her work. You won't be disappointed.

This month Maria is giving away a pair of potholders. Shown below. She calls them "androgynous," believing they could work well for either gender. I really love the purple-toned one, makes me wish I could enter!

Again, this is what you'll win:


Also, be sure to check out the sites of the other participating artists in the Give-A-Way. These include:

Nancy at


Jane at


Jon at

And, again make sure to leave a comment on Maria's blog at to win her potholders.